The 2020 Shop Hop fabric is "Birds and Berries Maine" by Robert Kaufman! This EXCLUSIVE line of fabric has been custom-designed for the Maine Shop Hop!

​Each of the 10 prints in this line feature

a Maine bird and berry:

  • Baltimore oriole and blackberry 
  • cardinal and juniper 
  • cedar waxwing and raspberry 
  • chickadee and winterberry 
  • eastern bluebird and cloudberry 
  • nuthatch and bittersweet 
  • purple finch and gray dogwood 
  • rose-breasted grosbeak and blueberry 
  • ruby-throated hummingbird and elderberry
  • yellow warbler and strawberry


Don't forget to choose your color when you order! 

Fat Quarters - "Birds and Berries Maine" by Robert Kaufman