Mill Pond by Jill Shaulis - Cotton quilting fabric by the yard.


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"I grew up in a small town (population of just over 800 to date) in Northwest Illinois called Pearl City. I was blessed to have many brothers, sisters and a neighborhood filled with other children our age. We enjoyed playing outside from morning until the street lights came on and we were expected home. Mill Pond was a place we often explored. It was grown over and nor ass well taken care of then as it is today, but we had fun there. Climbing trees, finding "paths" and in the winter, ice skating was a favorite activity -- all bring back wonderful memories. Well, maybe being stung by bees wasn't a fond memory! Mill Pond brings back many beautiful memories and I hope the fabrics inspire you to create many beautiful projects for years to come!" - Jill


Jill Shaulis is a fabric and pattern designer. Jill loves using antique quilts/pieces to draw inspiration, and often changes up the scale and colors to fit her ‘style’. Since she’s a scrappy designer, for the most part, she doesn’t design around a color theme but instead tries to offer a wide range of colors to work into any scrappy project.


The Mill Pond collection was inspired by the pond she and her brothers used to ice skate on and the memories surrounding those good times. 

Mill Pond by Jill Shaulis - Cotton quilting fabric by the yard