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Drive Up this Thurs. to Make a Difference


We invite our community to join us in our "DRIVE UP TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE" project!  It will run for 1 hour only - please come between the hour of 12:30- 1:30.  This is a community event sponsored by Sanford Sewing Machines, Primitive Quarters Quilt Shop, Annie’s Teeny Tiny Quilt Shop and Paisley Pines Quilt Shop. Each shop is donating 100 yards of fabric. Go to your nearest shop to participate.  If you would be interested in making face masks for your loved ones or community, we would love the opportunity of donating 1 yard of fabric for each car that drives up. Just 1 yard of fabric will make 10 masks! Just think... together we will be able to make nearly 4000 masks for our community! To participate, simply drive your car up to the store, forming the car line curbside. Each shop will direct traffic for a nice flow. STAY IN YOUR CARS. "Pop" your trunk and we will greet you with a smile, a wave, and a bag of free fabric.  Due to the number of cars coming through, and to keep things moving smoothly, we ask kindly that this not be the time to pick up additional packages that may be waiting for you, and that you do so at a different time for curbside service. Thank you for understanding. The sewing is SIMPLE. And so incredibly needed. Let's pull together on this! We love and miss each and every one of you!!!! *PLEASE share this post with ANYONE you think may benefit from this project.  Thank you, friends. This is something we feel so strongly about and we appreciate your help!


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